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DUTY LOCATION:  Baghdad, Iraq

Beginning Date:  April 2006

Closing Date of Announcement:  Open Continuously

Tour Length:   270 CO-TTAD or 1 year mobilization




The Project and Contracting Office (PCO) is looking for highly qualified E-5 through 0-6 candidates with the following experience:



1.  Logistics Management Specialists (0-3/0-6):   The incumbent will provide logistics readiness management for the organization to include air transportation, ground transportation, official government travel and logistical planning functions for vehicles, cargo and personnel.  Incumbent will manage the Logistics Movement Coordination Center (LMCC) operations.  Coordinates with MNF-I and its MSCs for military movement and march credits and movement deconfliction.  Also coordinates with LNOs for Iraq Ministries, the Reconstruction Operations Center, Regional Coordinators and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.  Coordinates movements with military and PCO Logistic Contractors for warehousing, distribution and security.  Provides oversight to movement control, safety and security plans for convoy operations. Must be branch qualified 92A or Functional Area 90A.  One 0-6 billet ; One 0-5 billet; One 0-3 billet


2.  Security Officer (0-3/0-4):  The Security Officer/NCO will develop operational policy and procedures to serve as overall guides to subordinate echelons in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs.  Reviews and analyzes periodic security and law enforcement reports from Security Specialists.  Manages inspection/assistance visit programs.  Manages command security and force protection programs.  Manages command response to emergency/contingencies.  Manages the development and acquisition of information needed to support the PCO’s overall evaluation; technical assessment; test planning, vulnerability studies or tests, threat simulations and risk analysis.  Manages threat support to force protection.  Provides oversight regarding special access programs.  Directs the development, publication and distribution of security classification guides, security procedures, and OPSEC plans for programs by developing methods and procedures for handling and safeguarding highly sensitive and classified security documents and materials for each program.  Coordinates with government officials and defense contractors to determine and the specific program needs.  Conducts or initiates security surveys/inspections at contractor locations to determine eligibility and capability to protect classified information under their control.  Must be branch qualified 35D or 35X or DMOS 31B or 35Y


3.  Program Managers/Civil Engineers (0-3/0-5):  The incumbent will direct the efforts of a team of US government and military personnel plus contracted program management personnel in the management coordination and execution of reconstruction contracts to restore urgent and essential services and be responsible for planning, staff, scheduling, and coordination of major reconstruction projects. Must be branch qualified 21A or 21D


4.  Information Systems Operator/Analyst (E-5/1LT): The incumbent provides a variety of critical information technology (IT) support services to the organization.  Assists the IT Manager in developing modernization and upgrade requirements, contingency plans, back-up plans and disaster recovery plans.  Executes systems backups on a regular schedule. Helps manage the software inventory to ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Maintains computer and server images for configuration control. Provides assistance in maintaining basic network services, such as domain name services, assignment of IP addresses, firewall and other security services, network printing, remote access, and file and directory sharing.  Must be branch qualified 25B



Send your military bio/resume to POC:  MAJ Pamela Shields; 703-696-5141, DSN 426-5141;






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