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The Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) is the successor to the Coalition Provisional Authority Office of Inspector General (CPA-IG). SIGIR was created in October 2004 by a congressional amendment to Public Law 108-106 (55KB PDF), triggered by the June 28, 2004, dissolution of the CPA.

The amendment allows SIGIR to continue the oversight that CPA-IG had established for Iraq reconstruction programs and operations. Specifically, SIGIR is mandated with the oversight responsibility of the use, and potential misuse, of the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund (IRRF) and all obligations, expenditures, and revenues associated with reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in Iraq. Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., who served as the CPA-IG since January 20, 2004, continues as the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

SIGIR reports administratively to the Secretaries of State and Defense. In addition, SIGIR provides quarterly and semi-annual reports directly to the U.S. Congress.

SIGIR Staff Baghdad - February 2006

SIGIR Staff Arlington, VA - February 2006

What are SIGIR's duties & responsibilities?

  • Provide for the independent and objective execution and supervision of audits and investigations
  • Provide objective leadership and coordination of, and recommendations on, policies designed to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the management of Iraq reconstruction programs and operations
  • Prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Review existing and proposed legislation and regulations and make appropriate recommendations
  • Maintain effective working relationships with other governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations regarding oversight in Iraq
  • Inform the Secretaries of State and Defense, and the Congress of significant problems, abuses, and deficiencies in operations, and track the progress of corrective actions
  • Report violations of law to the U.S. Attorney General and report to Congress on the prosecutions and convictions that have resulted from referrals
  • Submit regular reports (Quarterly and Semiannual) to Congress

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