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Facilities and Transportation

The Facilities and Transportation Sector is charged with projects fundamental to rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. The effects of neglect by the previous regime and several decades of war require a massive rebuilding effort to bring the Iraqi infrastructure to the level required to support a modern society, jumpstart economic growth and improve security. The damage inflicted from years of conflicts, oppression, injustice, poor maintenance, weak technical and management capacity and lack of training has resulted in a very serious degradation of the system and has exacerbated the negative impact on the life and morale of the Iraqi people. Restoring critical infrastructure and re-building the country is now a top priority for Iraqis.

The Facilities and Transportation Sector includes the following work in eight major subsectors:
  • Security Construction of 151 border forts, 10 points of entry, 90 fire stations and 583 police stations
  • Justice Construction of two prisons, five new courts and renovation of 15 courts
  • Military Construction of 38 projects at five military bases
  • Health Renovation of 20 hospitals, construction of 150 primary healthcare centers and construction of up to seven extended healthcare centers
  • Education Renovation of up to 800 schools
  • Public Buildings Renovation of five Ministry buildings and a university facility
  • Transportation Construction of 420 km of village roads, 200 km of expressways, five bridges, 107 railroad projects, five projects at Iraq’s main port and seven projects at three airports
  • Communications Construction of a national advanced first-responder emergency network, a wireless communications network for Iraqi Ministries in Baghdad and renovation of two communications buildings and 30 post offices
  • Non-Construction Support equipment for prisons, health facilities and schools
Construction in a war-torn country is far from easy, and Iraq is no exception. Grave threats still remain from members of the former regime and their supporters, foreign terrorists, and criminal elements, affecting contractors, convoys, project sites and reconstruction. In addition, some sabotage and theft continues to occur. Other difficulties include managing multiple large, complex projects with rapid mobilization and ramp-up; bringing together diverse groups with disparate interests; working in remote, harsh and often hostile environments; timely availability of and delivery of equipment and materials; availability of a fully-trained workforce; working around military operations; and difficult weather conditions.

In spite of these obstacles, the rebuilding of Iraq is well underway. With a plan in place to achieve their goals and with the hopes and dreams of the Iraqi people as guideposts, the Facilities and Transportation Sector is helping to build a brighter future for this war-ravaged nation.

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Utopia today, flesh and blood tomorrow."
Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885), Les Miserables, 1862

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