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The mission of the Project and Contracting Office
To serve the people of the United States and Iraq by contracting for and delivering services, supplies, and infrastructure identified within the Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund, a total $18.4 billion in resources allocated by the U.S.Congress on behalf of the American taxpayers for rebuilding Iraq.

The people of the United States helping Iraqis rebuild their country and progress toward a strong and
successful future for Iraq.

- Employment for hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, resulting in economic security, occupational training,
and professional mastery of new skills

- Higher quality of life and enhanced internal security for Iraqis. -The building of the Iraqi industries
required to sustain and further improve the basic infrastructure services required for a modern nation.

Participation from the Iraqis is a critically important issue since the project is all about rebuilding their nation.

The PCO uses an interesting management structure where a "nucleus" of U.S. government employees, along with some representation from Iraq and other nations, represent the "owner's" interest in the enterprise. Contractors are hired to provide the program management, both on an overall scale, as well as in each of the construction sectors.

The sectors are oil, electricity, public works & water, and facilities & transportation. Other contractors are assigned work within those sectors to perform the construction tasks.

Overall, $12.6 billion will be spent towards construction over the next few years. Building infrastructure is far more than construction, however, and so $5.8 billion will be spent on providing equipment, supplies and material to help support the entire realm of the infrastructure. Computers are needed to monitor and control electrical and water systems; vehicles are needed to transport materials or to support system maintenance; uniforms and supplies are needed to support the police and civil defense corps; and supplies are needed to support schools.

In short, PCO is all about nations working together to provide new beginnings for the people of a country in need of a friend. Together, the U.S., Iraq and others who take part will create not only a modern future for one nation, but will also discover the bonds of unity that are forged between free and prosperous people.

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