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Mission: We ensure that people and resources are received in theater and processed in a coherent manner that supports the Iraqi reconstruction mission. We have developed an integrated movement coordination mechanism that expedites, prioritizes and de-conflicts movement while transitioning to a commercial enterprise engine.

Key Task: To address all critical problem areas in reception at air, land, and sea points of entry; storage; accountability; and onward transportation. Public Law 108-106 appropriated $18.4 Billion for the “Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund”. These funds are used in construction and non-construction projects to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure. The PCO Logistics team tracks these shipments from point or port of origin, across the border into Iraq, and on to final destination.

Purpose of this Users Guide: This site provides information to assist customers, including contract award recipients, in the movement process providing the necessary tools to accomplish key tasks as well as support the Iraqi reconstruction mission. Required logistics forms and information are located at the links in the column to the left. In particular we stress:

  • Shipper Information. “Getting Started in Iraq” provides highly useful information while the “US Cargo Preference Requirements” is a “must read” for all shipments to Iraq.

  • Logistical Information Requirements. Information on this form is required in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations to maintain visibility and accountability of goods and materials purchased under contracts awarded in support of the Iraqi Reconstruction Effort.

  • Cargo Marking and Placard Information. Information vital to identify shipments and final destination. This facilitates sorting inbound cargo and provides contact information for unclaimed or misplaced shipments.

  • Customs. PCO Reconstruction Projects are able to seek levy exemption for imports into Iraq.

  • Ground Transportation Requests. The high threat environment mandates that materials and goods be tracked for positive control at all times. Convoy movements need to comply with military registration policies and be tracked using transponders linked to Tapestry software for positive visibility that enables emergency response.

  • Customer/End User Support Request. Used by requesting coordinator, normally MNSTC-I or DoS Ministry representative, in conjunction with the PWC Exceed database to identify material in warehouse locations available for delivery.

  • Satellite Communication Equipment. We have Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) that can be issued to companies that are under Government contract to support the Coalition Forces allowing for significant cost savings. Information and pricing is available at this link.

  • Useful Links
    Each of these links provides vital information. Please note especially:
    DoD Contracting Information – Key to doing business with the DoD.
    PWC Logistics Exceed Portal – Vital warehouse data for Customers/End Users.
    Private Security Company Association of Iraq (PSCAI) – The security link.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance (PCO Logistics Points of Contact).
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