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Re-Building Iraq Videos
Re-Building Iraq Videos

Building a Foundation of Freedom
The Business Center is accessible to anyone interested in working in Iraq or selling to the coalition partners. Register in your area of interest (see below) or look at the jobs available under Employment on the top menu.

Iraq Reconstruction      

Full information about progress on Iraq reconstruction can be found at the Gulf Region Division website. 
Vendor Registration - Has Been Removed      

The Contracting Office is no longer using the vendor registration feature of the Rebuilding-Iraq website, therefore it was removed. Vendor registration provided no additional features or advantage to a vendor so you are not missing any opportunities by not registering.

Contracting opportunities are available to vendors by accessing the New Solicitations link at the Business Center area of this website. Vendor's can search Request for Proposals (RFP) for contracting and business opportunities. The DoD Contracting Guide is also available for your review from the New Solicitations link.
Project RFP's Information      

For information on how to submit bids, or qualify your company to do work in Iraq, please visit our link on the "New Solicitations" menu. "DoD Contracting Guide". This link provides comprehensive instructions on the steps you'll need to take.
Overview: Electricity, Oil, and Water      
Iraq Weekly Update
Iraq Weekly Update

Iraq Reconstruction Weekly Update 09/25/06 - Reporting progress and good news. 

Capacity Development Brochure
Capacity Development Brochure

Capacity Development builds human and institutional capability to help a society develop a more secure and sustainable eocnomy, government, and infrastructure.

The Iraq Challenge
The Iraq Challenge

Power Generation in Iraq…
Where We Stand Today


Iraq’s current power situation, and where we see Iraqi electricity going in the future.

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